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A rich coconut milk-based laksa that was a popular item on Jackie M's restaurant menu from days past, this Laksa Nyonya recipe draws its influence from the nyonya flavours that permeate the laksa that's typically found in the Malaysian state of Melaka.

Jackie M, Malaysian Street Food Chef & Advocate

Jackie M is an acclaimed Malaysian & Singaporean street food specialist, former restaurateur, TV presenter and pioneer of live cooking videos.
Her no-holds barred approach to Asian cooking has seen Jackie M’s following grow to 1.9 million worldwide at its peak and made her one of the most influential Australian chefs on social media.


Here's A Sneak Peek of What You're Getting: 

Laksa Nyonya (2 Ways)

Essential Ingredients

Day 1:

What ingredients you need? What shortcuts/hacks are used by restaurants? Where do you find ingredients, how to use them?

Essential Utensils

Day 2:

What special equipment or utensils do you need? Where do you find them and how do you use them?

Essential Recipes 

Day 3:

How do you evaluate recipes? Sort the good from the bad, adapt them to your needs, and make sure they are fail-proof!

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"We learned so much more than we'd hoped we would. Marcus and I both really enjoyed and appreciated all" - Nancy H

Foodie Heaven

"Very Multicultural. Keep up the good work Jackie M! Secretly, I wish I could cook like you" 
- Anant 


"I admire her for her culinary expertise and passion in bringing the world the delicacies of Malaysian fare." - Joey W

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