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5 Myths About Asian Food That Are Sabotaging Your Cooking

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Do You Aspire To Be An Expert Asian Cook?

How would you like to have one of the world's most well-known Asian cooks and successful restaurateurs as your coach and mentor?

Whether you're planning a career in Asian cookery or you just want to cook restaurant-quality food at home, this is where your journey to Asian culinary mastery begins.

Asian Culinary Coaching, At Home

Why join a paid coaching programme when there are millions of food blogs, TV shows and YouTube videos that teach you how to cook?

Because anyone can blog or upload a YouTube video (or even publish a cookbook or appear on TV, nowadays). The truth is, very few recipes I see online, on TV or in cookbooks will ever pass the "money test" - ie. they might look great, but would they sell?

This is where I come in - as a professional cook and ex-restaurateur, it is my mission to teach you how to cook restaurant-quality Asian food instinctively and effortlessly.

How would it feel if you could turn your cooking failures, frustrations and mediocrity into Asian culinary mastery?

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Why Learn Online?

Not everyone can travel to Asia to learn from the local cooks, but what if Jackie M, the Queen of Malaysian Cuisine, could come to you?


You're investing in a weekly group coaching programme with me; you're not just buying a set of cooking videos and recipes. You get direct feedback, support and mentoring, to make you the best Asian cook you're capable of becoming.


I will teach you to cook by instinct so you never again experience disappointment, dread and mockery over your Asian cooking attempts. 

You will acquire in-demand skills towards building better relationships, career prospects and a healthy lifestyle.


Enjoy the convenience of learning from the comfort of your home, anytime you want. Plus, the lessons are yours to keep forever, so you can re-watch the videos as often as you like.

Quotes From A Student

...Holy crap I know stuff now. I think I'm in a sort of shock...

...I can't tell you how proud I am right now, I feel like an Iron Chef and I was so sceptical that I could be helped at all...

...I've had the best teacher in the world. Thank you Jackie...

...You gave me something money can't buy...

...I feel like I can step into a friend's kitchen and do stuff now. It's like being invited to tennis or a sports game and knowing how to play...

...It just hit me that after years of feeling lost, confused, desperate and hopeless when it came to cooking, I now feel empowered - that's the perfect word for it...

About Jackie M.

Jackie M is recognised as one of the foremost experts in the ancient techniques and classic flavours of Malaysian street food, which draws its influence from China, India, and many cultures in between.

Her no-holds barred approach to Asian cooking, along with her 20+ years of experience as a professional cook, has seen Jackie M’s following grow to 1.9 million worldwide and made her one of the most influential Australian chefs on social media.

Known for her platinum pixie-cut and no-nonsense attitude, Jackie has been featured in numerous TV shows and magazine articles in Australia and around the world.

She puts theory into practice serving up some of the most authentic Asian food you’ll ever have the pleasure of experiencing, as well as giving a Southeast Asian twist to everyday Australian dishes.

Jackie M is blazing a trail for the Asian food industry in Australia with her delicious offerings - The Star

Sydney’s high priestess of Malaysian cuisine is Jackie M, a Malaysian-born, Sydney University-educated livewire - TimeOut Sydney

...a brilliant but tiny Malaysian eatery called Jackie M in Concord in Sydney’s mid-West - Michael Shafran, journalist & food reviewer

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